Identity and Branding

Visual Facelift: Reskinning your Visuals

  Visual Facelift: Reskinning your Visuals – Get Refreshed, Re-energised, and Re-discovered! Your brand isn’t just a business. Neither is it just a name. Brands now go far beyond their products, the service they provide or the content that they market – instead, they are a reflection of who consumers wish to associate themselves with. Providing a peace of mind, value-adding and making a difference to consumers are just some of the things that a strong brand can achieve. With that being …

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How to Brief Your Creative Agency

Imagine being told to cook a new dish without the recipe. As you know, a recipe is a roadmap that guides your cooking process, usually leaving room to tweak it according to your taste and preferences. It also tells you what the end-product should not look like. For instance, if the recipe is for chocolate pie, it shouldn’t evolve into a chocolate cupcake. Similarly, the lack of a good creative brief is the recipe for a marketing disaster. Many companies …

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From Clicks to Bricks – Managing the Retail Transition Effectively

While millennials continue to luxuriate in their bedroom couch to purchase the latest “Colourpop” palette or Adidas “Stan Smith” in a few clicks, the online retail industry has already shifted its mark. Even though dominating the digital world, retail giants like Alibaba, remained hungry for more sales opportunities and embarked on a trend of converging into offline businesses by establishing their brick-and-mortar presence. With the aim of achieving the best of both worlds, online retails are opening physical stores to …

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