Visual Facelift: Reskinning your Visuals

  Visual Facelift: Reskinning your Visuals – Get Refreshed, Re-energised, and Re-discovered! Your brand isn’t just a business. Neither is it just a name. Brands now go far beyond their products, the service they provide or the content that they market – instead, they are a reflection of who consumers wish to associate themselves with. Providing a peace of mind, value-adding and making a difference to consumers are just some of the things that a strong brand can achieve. With that being …

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How to Develop Awe Inspiring Annual Reports

Calling all Corp Comms and PR professionals! The time has come for you to start thinking about your organisation’s Annual Report. Considered by corporate chieftains to be the most significant report card in an organisation, an annual report is usually a necessity for most public listed companies and government agencies.   Anatomy of an Annual Report Typically, most annual reports or ARs document key milestones in the organisation. They include the following sections: Chairman and CEO speeches highlighting the most important …

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How to Create an Eye-Catching Infographic

Source:     Infographics are the go-to tool for the digital age. Combining facts, figures and visuals, they enliven any piece of online or offline content. Once you’ve decided to spice things up and create an infographic for your next board meeting – or a presentation, blog post, report, or anything else for that matter – approach it with a solitary aim of making it completely exquisite. Notice I didn’t say beautiful. I have nothing against beauty. I do …

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