From Clicks to Bricks – Managing the Retail Transition Effectively

While millennials continue to luxuriate in their bedroom couch to purchase the latest “Colourpop” palette or Adidas “Stan Smith” in a few clicks, the online retail industry has already shifted its mark. Even though dominating the digital world, retail giants like Alibaba, remained hungry for more sales opportunities and embarked on a trend of converging into offline businesses by establishing their brick-and-mortar presence. With the aim of achieving the best of both worlds, online retails are opening physical stores to …

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7 Deadly Sins in Event and Exhibition Marketing

Lights! Cameras! Action! Nothing beats the pulsating energy of a live event. Lively music invigorating the venue. Throngs of folks checking out what’s available in the market. Charismatic speakers enchanting their listeners with tips, thoughts and tales. From road shows to exhibitions, conferences to concerts, a physical event helps you to reach your prospects in a direct face-to-face manner. You can also immerse them fully in the aura of your brand, amazing them with the splendour of your products or …

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