Corporate Social Responsibility: Why we do what we do


CSR: Why we do what we do

Even as a nimble, boutique design agency, JAB seeks to build our business practices to benefit employees, stakeholders, the environment, and our society. We are proud to be part of the team that supported Food from the Heart Charity Golf Tournament 2021, helping to raise a total of $192,900 to help the needy within our community.

As the official design partner, everyone in the agency pulled together to develop the various communication pieces for the event. And we are very proud of the results.

Through this and other initiatives, we aim to operate in a socially responsible manner, while increasing our positive impact on society. Especially in times like this.

Social responsibility represents our commitment to sustainable growth while helping us to:

  • Build strong connection with communities as we contribute our skills and resources
  • Improve staff motivation, leading to greater productivity
  • Enhance our personal values


Hearts over Heads

But beyond the obvious, we enjoy the smiles on people’s faces and the simple pleasures it gives us, making us happier and more fulfilled. And when we come together, we inspire others around us as we strengthen our bonds and spread positive impact. After all, it is not always about dollars and cents.

It creates a bond, between us, and with our communities, helping to bolster relationships through a shared goal.


Giving is Contagious

It always starts with a small step. Seeing others do their part might just be that little nudge you need to get into being more socially responsible.



If this has inspired you to do your part, we can help. If you have skills in design and communications, you can work with us on some of CSR projects and do your part for society.  

Start feeling good by a making positive impact in life. Feel free to drop us an email!

ps. more at Charity Golf, Our First In-Person Event Since COVID-19



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