Offline has gone online, is your marketing strategy still in line?


Offline has gone online, is your marketing strategy still in line?

Over the past decade, online channels and social media have increased exponentially in user base and engagement. It is becoming obvious that your customers are moving away from mainstream advertising by taking charge of the buying process and looking up their purchases before they make a decision. Gone are the days when you are the one telling them what’s good and what’s not.

Yes, it no longer works (as well) just blasting a 30sec TV or radio commercial and hoping that your customers have caught it and that it will trigger a buying behaviour.


Targetting your customers where they consume their media

This rapid shift in advertising from traditional to alternative, online media means copywriting, creatives and the way you reach them have had to adjust.

Online is where your consumers are. The way your target customers are consuming media is vastly different now. Think social media, postings and creating informal, engaging conversational content.


The 3 seconds rule

They are not reading, they are scrolling. Everything’s faster but attention span is shorter. Time and speed matter, and if your message doesn’t connect almost instantly, you’ve lost them.

An impactful delivery matters. Grabbing attention in a matter of seconds remains paramount. Make A Point ‑ from headline to subject line and a choice of imageries/effects. Suffice to say, starting on a high and making that first impression has never been more important.

Every social media channel has its own rules, purposes and best practices – but the basic necessity to tailor your message to your medium still stands.


Track and adapt for best results

The way you reach your customers now have changed a lot. While it is possible to create basic social media assets on your own, it gets a lot more complicated as your ‘Fans’ or ‘Followers’ start to grow, and data management comes into play.

Work with a trusted and experienced agency to create an effective content strategy that lets you set goals and build a content calendar, amongst others. Together, you can test and measure data and results, constantly tweaking and adapting in the dynamic digital world. This synergy gives you a much higher chance to achieve consistently good results even as the online space continues to evolve.

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