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Good design effectively conveys information and brilliantly communicates ideas. Whether a logo, poster, cover or website, the design should bring out the message clearly. Our graphic design company works on the basic principles of simplicity and balance, which guide our use of the elements for design. Along with originality and creativity, these principles are the keys to successful and elegant design.

LOKAL HEROES collaboration

LOKAL HEROES collaboration

Graphic Design and Illustration Services

LOKAL HEROES – A collaboration with our graphic design company’s then-parent company Splash Productions Pte Ltd, street art collective The Terror Troopers, and toymakers Mighty Jaxx in conjunction with Singapore’s 49th National Day celebrations.

A series of limited edition 3D figurines was created (and produced by Mighty Jaxx) and pays tribute to familiar characters we see all around us in Singapore. Real people, from diverse occupations, often alienated, unappreciated or just plain ignored, but have become part of our local landscape. They are the ones who work tirelessly to protect our families, shape our landscape and make life in Singapore better. And on that National Day, their role in Singapore society was acknowledged.

This poster was designed by JAB (then, a specialist firm of Splash Productions) and was part of that tribute which was launched in LASALLE College of the Arts.

Singapore Memory Project (SMP) Memory Kit by JAB Design

Singapore Memory Project (SMP) Memory Kit by JAB Design

Art Direction and Illustration Services

Commissioned by the National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore, JAB (an Institution Member of The Design Society Singapore) was tasked to develop and produce this Singapore Memory Project (SMP) Memory Kit, a handy illustrated step-by-step guide to documenting meaningful memories of and conversations on Singapore.

The project involved the selection, and interviewing of the sharers and contributors, and subsequently the copywriting, illustrations and editorial layouts for the kit and to press supervision. Besides the how-tos, a set of interview questions on selected themes, which one could use to start off conversations during interviews, was provided.

These memories contributed were shared online in the Singapore Memory Project.

Interactive Web / Digital Design /
Environmental Design Services

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Environmental graphic design has come to the fore in recent years, growing in tandem with the needs of the fast-paced modern world, with its globalisation, technological advances and social activism.

To give personality and inject character amidst what is going on around us, we have to be mindful of what makes environmental graphic design work.

For environmental design, traffic patterns and visual information are considered to enhance the branding and convey the intended message or story.

Environmental design is applied to a multitude of uses including corporate spaces, academic campuses, retail stores and event venues.

Whether good design is viewed as art or aesthetics, it demands that we keep it simple. And that’s what makes it sophisticated!

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